Ben Wa balls

Ben wa balls are among the most popular vaginal tightening tool that women around the world use to get both tighter and stronger. Not just that, but they can enhance your sex life. Many women wear ben wa balls while they’re having sex, which can add tremendous pleasure to any session of love making.

Traditional ben wa balls are small, metal and marble sized. They are inserted into the vagina, and are held there by using your vaginal muscles. They can be quite heavy, so you must use your love muscles to keep them inside yourself. The pc muscle, the muscle that contracts during an orgasm, is most worked out from the use of ben wa balls. Over time your PC muscle will become very strong, which allow you to manipulate, clench and squeeze your man’s penis during intercourse.

Many women use ben wa balls while doing chores or even watching TV. You must be careful, however, as these balls can hit one another and produce awesome vibrations! Many women experience random orgasms while they use these balls, which can be very fun indeed!

These balls come in all different shapes and sizes, and are actually quite inexpensive. Not just that, but they will last a lifetime. Using ben wa balls combined with a good kegel exercise program can help you develop a very strong, healthy vagina for years to come. Using them will help you prevent stress urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse and other pelvic floor related conditions.  And your sex life will become explosive when you tighten your vagina with these balls. Check out

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